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     POST(1)                                                   POST(1)

          post - send mail to users by name

          post [ -w ] person ...


          Post translates people's real names to addresses and sends
          mail.  If used with person arguments, it collects the stan-
          dard input up to EOT or a line containing only a single `.'
          character.  It expects each person argument to be either a
          form recognized by mail(1) or


          where every part except lastname may be abbreviated to a
          prefix.  If the person identified is known to have a com-
          puter address, the collected input is sent there; otherwise
          paper mail is printed and routed to a clerk for forwarding.

          From most computers post routes mail through a central post
          office; diagnostic messages will be returned by mail.

          If the person argument is ambiguous, a list of possibilities
          is printed and you are asked to choose the desired person.
          The -w option gives the address, but sends nothing.

          To maintain mailing lists or avoid typing long addresses,
          you may keep an address book in $HOME/lib/post.addr.  Each
          line in the file begins with an alias or mailing list name
          which is followed by one or more person arguments.

          Post with no person arguments invokes mail to read your
          mail.  The environment parameter MAILP may be used to spec-
          ify the mail invoked; otherwise it is /bin/mail. To update
          post's directory with a new or secondary address mail the
          following statement to alice!mailroom.

          UPDATE:   computer!uid   cmd  first.init.last:loc:dept

          cmd may be IS, ANOTHER or WAS.  IS makes the computer id the
          home address, ANOTHER, a secondary address, and WAS deletes
          it.  It expects the name to be identical to that in the BTL
          phone book.

          /usr/spool/mail/*        mailboxes
          /tmp/ma*                 temp file

     POST(1)                                                   POST(1)

          dead.letter              unmailable text
          $HOME/lib/post.addr      user address book
          /crp/post/tmail.?        address lists
          /crp/post/tuid.?         userid lists
          /usr/lib/post/genpost    general postoffice
          /usr/lib/post/post.test  test "no run" program

          `Electronic Mail Without Aliases,' by R. J. Elliott and M.
          E. Lesk