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     PASCAL(1)                                               PASCAL(1)

          pascal - language interpreter

          pascal [ options ] [ -i name ... ] [ name.p ] [ obj [ argu-
          ment ... ] ]

          pmerge name.p ...

          Pascal translates Pascal source programs to interpretable
          form, executes them, or both.  Under option -c the programs
          are translated but not executed.  The translated code
          appears in file `obj'.  Under option -x pascal interprets
          the previously translated code in file obj (default `obj').
          Arguments are made available through the built-ins `argc'
          and `argv'.

          Options is a string chosen from the following letters:

          c    Translate only.  This option must be first if it
               appears at all.  It is inconsistent with -x.

          b    Buffer the runtime file `output'.

          l    Make a program listing during translation.

          n    List each included file on a new page with a banner

          p    Suppress the post-mortem control flow backtrace if an
               error occurs; override execution limit of 500,000

          s    Accept standard Pascal only; non-standard constructs
               cause warning diagnostics.

          t    Suppress runtime tests of subrange variables and treat
               assert statements as comments.

          u    Card image mode; only the first 72 characters of input
               lines are used.

          w    Suppress warning diagnostics.

          x    Execute only.  If this option appears, it must be
               first.  It is inconsistent with the -c option.

          z    Cause the interpreter to gather profiling data for
               later analysis by pxp(1).

     PASCAL(1)                                               PASCAL(1)

          Option -i causes the named procedures and include files to
          be listed.

          Pmerge combines the named source files into a singlesource
          files  on the standard output.

          *.p                    input file
          *.i                    include file(s)
          /usr/lib/pi2.0strings  error messages
          /usr/lib/how_pi*       basic usage explanation
          /usr/lib/pascal/*      interpreter passes
          obj                    interpreter code output
          /tmp/pix*              obj file used by pix
          pmon.out               profile data file

          Berkeley Pascal User's Manual (there pascal is called pi,
          px, and pix)
          pc(1), pxp(1)

          The first character of an error message indicates its class:

               E    Fatal error; no code will be generated.
               e    Non-fatal error.
               w    Warning - a potential problem.
               s    Warning - nonstandard Pascal construct.

          The keyword `packed' is recognized but has no effect.
          Diagnostics relating to the last procedure in an included
          file may appear after the beginning of the listing of the
          If both source files and arguments are specified, obj is a