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     PACK(1)                                                   PACK(1)

          pack, pcat, unpack - compress and expand files

          pack [ - ] file ...

          pcat [ file ] ...

          unpack file ...

          Pack attempts to compress the files and places the results
          in corresponding files named file.z with the same access
          modes, dates, and owner as the originals.  Successfully
          packed files are removed.

          Unpack reverses the process.

          Pcat unpacks files to the standard output by analogy with

          The .z suffix may be omitted from the name of the input file
          for unpack or pcat.

          Pack encodes individual characters in a Huffman code.
          Option - causes statistics of the encoding to be printed.
          The option toggles on and off at each appearance among the
          list of files.

          The return value of pack, unpack, or pcat is the number of
          files it failed to process.  No packing happens when the
          input can't be read or appears to be packed already, the
          output file name exists or is too long or can't be created,
          or the input has links or is a directory.