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     NEWS(1)                                                   NEWS(1)

          news - print news items

          news [ -a ] [ -n ] [ -s ] [ item ... ]

          When invoked without options, this simple local news service
          prints files that have appeared in /usr/news since last
          reading, most recent first, with each preceded by an appro-
          priate header.  The time of reading is recorded.  The
          options are

          -a   print all items, regardless of currency.  The recorded
               time is not changed.

          -n   report the names of the current items without printing
               their contents, and without changing the recorded time.

          -s   report the number of current items.

          Other arguments select particular news items.

          If a delete is typed during the printing of a news item,
          printing stops and the next item is started.  A second
          delete within a second of the first causes the program to

          To post a news item, simply create a file in /usr/news.

          $HOME.news_time     date of last read news

          calendar(1), netnews(1)