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     NETNEWS(1)                 (not alice)                 NETNEWS(1)

          netnews - send or receive news articles

          netnews [ -a [ date ]] [ -n newsgroups ] [ -t titles ] [
          -lpr ]

          netnews -s [ newsgroups ]

          netnews -i title [ -n newsgroups ]

          Netnews is an intercomputer news service.  Without argument
          it prints recent articles.  After each article a command is
          read from the standard input.

          newline   Go on to next article.

          p         Print article again.

          -         Go back to previous article.

          c         Cancel (restricted to contributor and superuser).

          w file    Append a copy of the article to the named file.

          r         Reply to author (via mail).

          q         Exit.

          x         Exit without update.

          Option -p prints with no questions asked.  Option -r prints
          in reverse time order.  Option -l prints titles only.

          Normally, printed articles must

          (1)  be more recent than your last use of netnews; option -a
               adjusts the time threshold (no date means the beginning
               of time)

          (2)  be in one of the user's newsgroups.  Option -n speci-
               fies different newsgroups.

          (3)  have no particular title.  Option -t restricts titles
               to contain one of the specified strings.

          Option -s prints the list of newsgroups to which the user
          subscribes, or, if newsgroups are given, specifies a new
          subscription list.  Newsgroup `ALL' receives all articles.

     NETNEWS(1)                 (not alice)                 NETNEWS(1)

          `NET.ALL' receives all newsgroups that begin with `NET.'.
          All users subscribe to the newsgroup `general'.

          Netnews -i inserts an article (read from standard input)
          with title title to the newsgroups specified by -n (default

          netnews -a last tues -n ALL
               Read all news since Tuesday.

          netnews -alr
               Print titles of all news articles of interest, most
               recent first.

          netnews -s ALL !NET.ALL
               Subscribe to all local articles, and no NET articles
               (obscure feature).

          /usr/spool/news/sys.nnn   news articles
          /usr/spool/news/.bitfile  bit map of users with news
          /usr/spool/news/.ngfile   list of newsgroups to which it is
                                    legal to subscribe or submit news
          /usr/spool/news/.uindex   index of netnews users
          /usr/spool/news/.nindex   index of news articles
          /usr/spool/news/.seq      sequence number of last article
          /usr/spool/news/.history  list of all articles ever seen
          /usr/spool/news/.sys      system subscription list

          mail(1), news(1), uucp(1)

          Netnews and readnews(1) use the same text in different