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     MV(1)                                                       MV(1)

          mv  -  move or rename files and directories

          mv file1 file2

          mv file ... directory

          Mv moves (changes the name of) file1 to file2.

          If file2 already exists, it is removed before file1 is
          moved.  If file2 has a mode which forbids writing, mv prints
          the mode (see chmod(2)) and reads the standard input to
          obtain a line; the move is done only if the line begins with

          In the second form, one or more files are moved to the
          directory with their original file-names.

          Mv refuses to move a file onto itself.

          cp(1), chmod(2)

          If file1 and file2 lie on different file systems, mv must
          copy the file and delete the original.  In this case the
          owner name becomes that of the copying process and any link-
          ing relationship with other files is lost.
          Mv should have a -f option, like rm.