MONK(1)                                                   MONK(1)

          monk, monksample - typeset documents and letters

          monk [ options ] [ files ]

          monksample [ sample ]

          Monk formats the text in the named files for phototypeset-
          ting, using other troff(1) preprocessors as necessary.
          Options are given below.  Any other arguments or flags
          (e.g., -o1-2) are passed to troff(1). Options can occur in
          any order and can be intermixed with files.  If no arguments
          are given, monk prints a list of its options.

               Invoke the commands after all preprocessors and before
               Invoke the commands after monk and before any other
          -E   Invoke the -e option of troff(1).
               Use file as the index file for refer(1).
               Prepare output for typesetter or terminal dest; Where
               dest can be:
               -T202       Mergenthaler Linotron 202
               -T9700      Xerox 9700 printer
               -Taps       Autologic APS-5
               -Tcanon     Canon laser printer, see candest(7)
               -Tcat       Graphic Systems C/A/T
               -Timagen    Imagen printer, see i10send(1)
               -Tjerq      5620 or blit terminal
          -T-  The output from troff(1) is placed on standard output
               instead of the default printer.
          -x   Shows the preprocessors that are being invoked.

          The following options are not normally needed because monk
          automatically determines which preprocessor are required.
          However, if the commands in -A or -B options require a pre-
          processor, you can force monk to invoke them using the fol-
          lowing options.

          -c   col(1) (postprocessor)
          -cn  cite(1)
          -e   eqn(1)
          -g   grap(1)

     MONK(1)                                                   MONK(1)

          -i   ideal(1)
          -p   pic(1)
          -r   refer(1)
          -s   soelim(1)
          -t   tbl(1)
          -tp  tped(1)

          Monksample produces on the standard output a skeleton docu-
          ment that you can redirect into a file and edit.  If no
          argument is given, monksample prints a list of the available
          samples. They are:

          cspress Computer Science Press galley sheets.
          letter  Personal letter
          model   IEEE/ACM model sheets.
          rp      AT&T Bell Laboratories release paper.
          song    Song sheets for singing at nursing homes.
          tm      AT&T Bell Laboratories technical memorandum.

          /usr/lib/monk/cite     forward and backward reference pre-
          /usr/lib/monk/db       monk databases
          /usr/lib/monk/dorefer  sed script for refer(1)
          /usr/lib/monk/monk     monk compiler
          /usr/lib/monk/soelim   preprocessor for troff(1) `.so'
          /usr/lib/monk/tmac.p   macros for pic(1) preprocessor
          /usr/lib/monk/sample   directory for existing samples

          Murrel, S. L., Kowalski, T. J., Typing Documents on the UNIX
          System: Using Monk 0.2
          apsend(1), cite(1), d202(1), eqn(1), grap(1), ideal(1),
          ped(9.1), pic(1), proof(9.1), refer(1), tbl(1), troff(1)