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     LISP(1)                   (alice sola)                    LISP(1)

          lisp, liszt, lxref - lisp interpreter and compiler


          liszt [ option ... ] [ source ]

          lxref [ -n ] file ...

          Lisp interprets Franz Lisp, which closely resembles MIT's
          Maclisp.  Interpreted functions may be mixed with code com-
          piled by liszt, and both may be debugged using the `Joseph
          Lister' trace package.

          There are too many functions to list here; one should refer
          to the manuals listed below.

          Liszt compiles the lisp source file, whose name ends in .l,
          into an object file, whose name ends in .o.  The following
          options are available.

          -w   suppress warning diagnostics

          -q   suppress compilation statistics

          -o object
               put object code in specified file

          -m   source is Maclisp

          -u   source is UCI Lisp

          -S   leave assembler input in file suffixed .s; do not fin-
               ish compilation

          -x   place cross-reference list in file suffixed .x to be
               used by lxref.

          Liszt with no arguments is the same as lisp. The compiler
          may be invoked from the interpreter:

               ( liszt [options] foo)

          compiles file `foo.l'.

          Lxref writes to the standard output a readable form of the
          named cross-reference files.  Not more than n (default 50)
          references to any function will be printed.

     LISP(1)                   (alice sola)                    LISP(1)

          /usr/lib/lisp/auxfns0.l   common functions
          /usr/lib/lisp/auxfns1.l   less common functions
          /usr/lib/lisp/trace.l     Joseph Lister trace package
          /usr/lib/lisp/toplevel.l  top level read-eval-print loop
          /usr/lib/lisp/machacks.l  Maclisp compatibility package
          /usr/lib/list/ucifnc.l    UCI Lisp compatibility package

          `FRANZ LISP  Manual, Version 1' by John K. Foderaro
          MACLISP Manual

          The error system is in a state of flux and not all error
          messages are as informative as they could be.