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     CYNTAX(1)                                               CYNTAX(1)

          cyntax, cem - C syntax checker

          cyntax [ options ] ... files ...

          /usr/lib/cyntax/cem [ options ] ... files ...

          Cyntax is a C compiler front end.  Cem (cemantics) is a link
          editor for cyntax. Together they obsolete lint(1).

          Cyntax assumes that files whose names end with `.c' are C
          source programs; they are compiled to an object file whose
          name is that of the source with `.O' substituted for `.c'.
          If all goes well it will invoke the link editor on the
          resulting object files plus any arguments whose names end
          with `.O'.  Object files contain type information - no code.

          Options -D, -I, -U, -o, -l are as in cc(1). Options -O, -g,
          and -p are ignored.  Other options are:

          -c   Suppress link editing.
          -h   Base object files on the basename of the source file
               rather than the full pathname.
          -j   Change default directory of include files to
          -w   Enable pedantic warning diagnostics.
          -m   equivalent to `-j -DMUX'.
          -v   Report what cyntax is actually doing.
               Declare function func to have a variable number of
               arguments, the first n of which are to be type checked.

          Cem is normally invoked only by cyntax. It also has options,
          some of which cyntax can't be coerced into providing.
          Besides -o and -l already mentioned, they are:

          -m   Don't believe file modification times.  These are nor-
               mally used to avert redundant type checking.

          -p   Be pedantic about type checking.

          -t   Unconditionally include file modification times in

          -v   Use a verbose format for type names.


     CYNTAX(1)                                               CYNTAX(1)

          In /usr/lib/cyntax:
          ccom cyntax proper
          cem  cemantics
          libc type library

          cc(1), ld(1), lint(1)