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     CRYPT(1)                                                 CRYPT(1)

          crypt, encrypt, decrypt - encode/decode

          crypt [ password ]

          encrypt [ password ]
          decrypt [ password ]

          These commands read from the standard input and write on the
          standard output.  The password is an enciphering key.  If no
          password is given, one is demanded from the terminal; echo-
          ing is turned off while it is being typed in.  Crypt uses a
          relatively simple, fast method (rotor machine) for both
          enciphering and deciphering.  Encrypt and decrypt use a more
          robust, slower method (Data Encryption Standard).  Files
          enciphered by crypt are compatible with those treated by the
          editor ed in encryption mode.  Files enciphered by crypt are
          not intelligible to decrypt, and vice versa.

          It is prudent to supply the key from the terminal, not from
          the command line, and to pick a reasonably long (6 letters)
          and unobvious key.  Remember, too, that encipherment cannot
          frustrate adversaries with super-user privileges.

          /dev/tty for typed key

          ed(1), makekey(8)

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