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     CP(1)                                                       CP(1)

          cp, rcp - copy

          cp [ -i ] file1 file2

          cp [ -i ] file ... directory

          rcp file1 file2

          rcp file ... directory

          File1 is copied onto file2. The mode and owner of file2 are
          preserved if it already existed; the mode of the source file
          is used otherwise.

          In the second form, one or more files are copied into the
          directory with their original file-names.

          Cp refuses to copy a file onto itself.

          If the -i option is specified, cp will prompt the user with
          the name of the file whenever the copy will cause an old
          file to be overwritten.  An answer of 'y' will cause cp to
          continue; any other answer will prevent it from overwriting
          the file.

          Rcp (recursive copy) works like cp, but also copies directo-
          ries and their contents and attempts to duplicate linked

          cat(1), mv(1), push(1)