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     COLUMN(1)                                               COLUMN(1)

          col, 2-6, mc, fold, expand - column alignment

          col [ -bfx ]

          2 [ file ]

          ind [ prefix ]

          fold [ -N ] [ file ] ...

          mc [ - ] [ -N ] [ -t ] [ file ] ...

          expand [ -stops ] [ file ] ...

          These programs rearrange files for appearance's sake.  All
          read the standard input and write the standard output.  Some
          optionally read from files instead.

          Col overlays lines to expunge reverse line feeds (ESC-7) and
          half line feeds (ESC-9 and ESC-8) as produced by nroff for
          .2C in ms(7) and for tbl(1). It normally emits only full
          line feeds; option -f (fine) allows half line feeds too.
          Option -b removes backspaces, printing just one of each pile
          of overstruck characters.  Col normally converts white space
          to tabs; option -x overrides this feature.  Other escaped
          characters and non-printing characters, except for SO and
          SI, are ignored.

          Col should not be used for printing on an HP ThinkJet
          printer with think(9.1), which performs the col function

          Commands 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 convert their input to 2-, 3-, 4-,
          5-, or 6-column form.

          Mc prints in as many columns as will fit on N-column `paper'
          (default n=80).  If an input line ends in a colon `:', a
          `break' occurs; thus `ls directory1 directory2 | mc' lists
          each directory separately.  This feature is suppressed if
          option - is present, or if input is from a file.  On output,
          multiple spaces are converted to tabs; this is suppressed by
          option -t.

          Expand replaces tabs by spaces.  The optional stops argument
          is a comma-separated of tab stop postions, counted from 0;
          default is every 8 columns.

     COLUMN(1)                                               COLUMN(1)

          Fold inserts newlines after each N characters (default n=80)
          of long lines.

          tbl file | nroff -ms | col | hp



          Col can't back up more than 128 lines or handle more than
          800 characters per line, and understands VT (013) as reverse
          line feed.