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     CFLOW(1)                                                 CFLOW(1)

          cflow - generate C flow graph

          cflow [ option ] ...  file  ...

          Cflow analyzes a collection of C, yacc(1), lex(1), assembler
          and object files and displays (on the standard output) a
          chart of external references.  The -I, -D and -U options of
          cc(1) are understood.

          Each line of output begins with a reference (i.e., line)
          number, followed by a suitable number of tabs indicating
          call level.  Then the name of the global (function or vari-
          able), a colon and its definition.  For information
          extracted from C source, the definition consists of an
          abstract type declaration (e.g., char *), the name of the
          source file and the line number where the definition was
          found.  Definitions extracted from object files merely indi-
          cate the file name and location counter under which the sym-
          bol appeared (e.g., text). Leading underscores in C-style
          external names are deleted.

          Once a definition of a name has been printed, subsequent
          references to that name contain only the reference number of
          the line where the definition may be found.  For undefined
          references, a question mark is printed.

          The graph is printed from the top down.  Any argument which
          is a simple string (has no recognizable suffix) is taken to
          mean the name of a starting node.

          Input file, t.c               cflow output

               int  i;        1    main: int(), t.c 4
               main(){             2         f: int(), t.c 10
                    f();      3              h: ?
                    g();      4              i: int, t.c 1
                    f();      5         g: ?
               f() {
                    i = h();

          cflow printf /lib/libc.a
               display printf() and everything it refers to


     CFLOW(1)                                                 CFLOW(1)

          cc(1), lint(1), nm(1)