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     CBT(1)                                                     CBT(1)

          cbt - btree utilities

          cbt creat name ...
          cbt report name ...
          cbt cat [ -R ] name ...
          cbt squash name
          cbt build [ -R ] name
          cbt add [ -R ] name
          cbt delete [ -R ] name

          A B-tree name corresponds to a pair of files named name.T
          and name.F. Name.T contains an access tree, and name.F con-
          tains the data.

          The creat version of the command creates empty B-trees.

          The report version of the command scans each B-tree and
          reports how many records it contains.

          The cat version of the command scans the B-tree in key-sort
          order, writing on its standard output.  With no option, cat
          writes each key followed by a tab, followed by the record,
          followed by a new-line.  If option -R (raw) is present, each
          key-record pair has the format

               struct {
                    short keylen;
                    char key[keylen];
                    short reclen;
                    char rec[reclen];

          Keys and records are not null-terminated and consecutive
          key-record pairs are not separated by new-lines.  Keys may
          be no longer than 127 bytes.

          The squash version of the command compresses the access tree
          to minimal size.

          The build version of the command reads a sorted list of keys
          and records from the standard input and fills the file with
          them.  Input is in the form produced by the corresponding
          cat option.

          The add (delete) version of the command inserts (removes)
          records.  Input is in the form produced by the corresponding
          cat option.  The records may be unsorted.  In newline-

     CBT(1)                                                     CBT(1)

          separated input only the keys must be present.

          sort "-t<tab>" -1 inputfile | cbt build btreefile
               <tab> denotes a tab character