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     CAN(1)                                                     CAN(1)

          can, bcan, dcan, tcan, xcan - interface to Canon laser-
          printer spooler

          can [ option ... ] [ file ... ]

          bcan [ option ... ] [ file ... ]

          dcan [ option ... ] [ file ... ]

          tcan [ option ... ] [ file ... ]

          xcan [ option ... ] [ file ... ]

          These commands print files (standard input by default) on
          Canon laser printers.  Four commands, all special cases of
          the generic xcan, handle particular kinds of data files:

          can  ASCII text

          bcan bitmap images created by blitblt(9.1)

          dcan output from troff(1)

          tcan output for a Tektronix 4014 terminal, as produced by

          The destination printer is determined in the following ways,
          listed in order of decreasing precedence.  Printer names are
          given in candest(7).

               option -d dest
               environment variable CANDEST
               printer named in file /etc/candest


          -d dest select the destination printer, see candest(7).

          -f font set the font (default CW.11) for can, see font(7).

          -L      (landscape) rotate bcan pages 90 degrees.

          -l n    set number of lines per page for can (default 66).

          -m n    set bcan magnification (default 2).

          -n      spool only, input has already been formatted by a

     CAN(1)                                                     CAN(1)

                  remote xcan.

          -o list print only pages whose page numbers appear in the
                  comma-separated list of numbers and ranges.  A range
                  n-m means pages n through m; a range -n means from
                  the beginning to page n; a range n- means from page
                  n to the end. -o implies -r.

          -r      print pages in reverse order (default for can and

          -sb     make xcan expect bcan input; -sb implies defaults of
                  -x176 and -y96.

          -sc     make xcan expect can input; -sc does not imply -r.

          -sd     make xcan expect dcan input; -sd does not imply -r.

          -st     make xcan expect tcan input.

          -t n    tcan scale factor is (n/100)/(n%100).  The default
                  is 813, i.e., 13 tekpoints become 8 dots on the
                  laser printer.

          -u user set the name which appears on the banner page;
                  default is login name.

          -x n    set the horizontal offset of the print image, mea-
                  sured in dots (default 48).  There are 240 dots to
                  the inch.

          -y n    set the vertical offset of the print image (default
                  0), except in tcan, where this option specifies n
                  extra tekpoints vertically.

          /etc/candest    default destination
          /usr/can/font   font directory
          /usr/spool/jpd  spool directory

          blitblt(9.1), plot(1), pr(1), revpag(1), troff(1), cand-
          est(7), font(7)

          The `landscape' option is supported only by bcan; -o and -r
          are supported only by can and dcan.
          There ought to be a way to determine the service class from
          the input data.