CALENDAR(1)                                           CALENDAR(1)

          calendar - reminder service

          calendar [ - ] [ n ]

          Calendar consults calendar files and prints out lines that
          contain today's date or any date up through the nth working
          day hence (n=1 by default).  Most American-style month-day
          dates such as `Dec. 7,' `december 7,' `12/7,' etc., are rec-
          ognized, but not `7/12'.  The symbol `*' denotes every month
          as in `* 7' or `*/7'.  A year may follow the day, as in `Dec
          7, 84', `Dec 7 1984', or `12/7/84'.

          By default, the program consults the file `calendar' in the
          $HOME directory (see sh(1)), or in the current directory if
          a home directory is not known.  Other calendar files to be
          consulted may be specified by lines of the form

               #include "file"

          in the calendar file.  Includes do not nest.

          When the `-' argument is present, calendar reminds all users
          of their calendar engagements by mail(1). Normally this hap-
          pens daily in the wee hours under control of cron(8). Calen-
          dars not in home directories, or recipients not registered
          as users, may be registered for reminder service by placing
          lines of the form `pathname mailname' in file

          calendar files
          egrep, echo, join, sort, sed, mail,
          /usr/lib/calendar? subprocesses


          The mail reminder service doesn't work when it finds less
          than two calendars.
          Your calendar must be public information for you to get
          reminder service.
          Holidays are what the program says they are.