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     BYTEYEARS(1)                                         BYTEYEARS(1)

          byteyears - time-space product for file residency

          byteyears [ -a ] [ file ] . . .

          Byteyears reports the product of the age of each file in
          years and the length in bytes.  Files for which this number
          is large may be reasonable candidates for deletion.  If the
          file is a directory, byteyears reports (recursively) on
          everything in that directory.  If no arguments are given,
          the current directory is assumed.  If the -a option is
          given, the time since last access is used instead of the
          time since last modification.

          Each line of output contains the number of byte years
          (rounded to the nearest integer), the size of the file in
          bytes, the time last modified, and the name of the file.

          byteyears | sort -r | sed 10q
               List the ten leading candidates in the current direc-