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     AS(1)                                                       AS(1)

          as - assembler

          as [option ] ... [ name ] ...

          As assembles the named files, or the standard input if no
          file name is specified.  The options are:

          -dn  Specifies the number of bytes n (1, 2, or 4) to be
               assembled for offsets which involve forward or external
               references, and which have sizes unspecified in the
               assembly language.  Default is -d4.

          -L   Save defined labels beginning with a `L', which are
               normally discarded to save space in the resultant sym-
               bol table.  The compilers generate such temporary

          -V   Use virtual memory for intermediate storage, rather
               than a temporary file.

          -W   Do not complain about errors.

          -J   Use long branches to resolve jumps when byte-
               displacement branches are insufficient.  This must be
               used when a compiler-generated assembly contains
               branches of more than 32k bytes.

          -R   Make initialized data segments read-only, by concate-
               nating them to the text segments.  This obviates the
               need to run editor scripts on assembly code to make
               initialized data read-only and shared.

          -t   Specifies a directory to receive the temporary file,
               other than the default /tmp.

               Place output in file obj. Default is `a.out'.

          All undefined symbols in the assembly are treated as global.

          /tmp/as*       default temporary file
          a.out          default object file

          ld(1), nm(1), adb(1), pi(9.1), a.out(5)
          Auxiliary documentation Assembler Reference Manual.

     AS(1)                                                       AS(1)

          -J should be eliminated; the assembler should automatically
          choose among byte, word and long branches.