ALTRAN(1)                    (alice)                    ALTRAN(1)

          altran - language for algebraic manipulation

          altran [ option ] ... file ...

          Altran compiles the language described in the reference via
          Fortran as an intermediate language.  The files may have
          names ending in .al, for Altran source, .f, for Fortan
          source, or .o for binary object files.  The output normally
          includes a .f file for each .al file, a .o file for each old
          or new .f file, an executable file a.out, and a listing file
          whose name ends in .list for each .al file.

          All the options of f77(1) and ld(1) are accepted with the
          same meanings.

          The executable a.out file accepts two parameters.  One is of
          the form p=n where n is the number of decimal digits of pre-
          cision to be used for long integers, 18<=n<=900, default 18.
          The other parameter is of the form w=n where n is the
          workspace size in thousands of words, 10<=n<=800, default

          /usr/lib/altran    the compiler proper
          /usr/lib/libal.a   library
          fort.[789]         intermediate files

          f77(1), ld(1)
          W. S Brown, ALTRAN User's Manual, Bell Laboratories, Murray
          Hill, NJ, 1977

          Run-time output is voluminous.