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     CTIME(3)                                                 CTIME(3)

          ctime, localtime, gmtime, asctime, timezone -  convert date
          and time to ASCII

          char *ctime(clock)
          long *clock;

          #include <time.h>

          struct tm *localtime(clock)
          long *clock;

          struct tm *gmtime(clock)
          long *clock;

          char *asctime(tm)
          struct tm *tm;

          char *timezone(zone, dst)

          Ctime converts a time pointed to by clock such as returned
          by time(2) into ASCII and returns a pointer to a 26-
          character string in the following form.  All the fields have
          constant width.

              Sun Sep 16 01:03:52 1973\n\0

          Localtime and gmtime return pointers to structures contain-
          ing the broken-down time.  Localtime corrects for the time
          zone and possible daylight savings time; gmtime converts
          directly to GMT, which is the time UNIX uses.  Asctime con-
          verts a broken-down time to ASCII and returns a pointer to a
          26-character string.

          The structure declaration from the include file is: