TK(1)                                                       TK(1)

          tk - paginator for the Tektronix 4014

          tk [ -t ] [ -N ] [ -pL ] [ file ]

          The output of tk is intended for a Tektronix 4014 terminal.
          Tk arranges for 66 lines to fit on the screen, divides the
          screen into N columns, and contributes an eight space page
          offset in the (default) single-column case.  Tabs, spaces,
          and backspaces are collected and plotted when necessary.
          Teletype Model 37 half- and reverse-line sequences are
          interpreted and plotted.  At the end of each page tk waits
          for a newline (empty line) from the keyboard before continu-
          ing on to the next page.  In this wait state, the command
          !command will send the command to the shell.

          The command line options are:

          -t   Don't wait between pages; for directing output into a

          -N   Divide the screen into N columns and wait after the
               last column.

          -pL  Set page length to L lines.