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     PREP(1)                                                   PREP(1)

          prep - prepare text for statistical processing

          prep [ -dio ] file ...

          Prep reads each file in sequence and writes it on the stan-
          dard output, one `word' to a line.  A word is a string of
          alphabetic characters and imbedded apostrophes, delimited by
          space or punctuation.  Hyphented words are broken apart;
          hyphens at the end of lines are removed and the hyphenated
          parts are joined.  Strings of digits are discarded.

          The following option letters may appear in any order:

          -d   Print the word number (in the input stream) with each

          -i   Take the next file as an `ignore' file.  These words
               will not appear in the output.  (They will be counted,
               for purposes of the -d count.)

          -o   Take the next file as an `only' file.  Only these words
               will appear in the output.  (All other words will also
               be counted for the -d count.)

          -p   Include punctuation marks (single nonalphanumeric char-
               acters) as separate output lines.  The punctuation
               marks are not counted for the -d count.

          Ignore and only files contain words, one per line.