LOOKALL(1)                                             LOOKALL(1)

          lookall - look through all text files on UNIX

          lookall [ -Cn ]

          Lookall accepts keywords from the standard input, performs a
          search similar to that of refer(1), and writes the result on
          the standard output.  Lookall consults, however, an index to
          all the text files on the system rather than just bibliogra-
          phies.  Only the first 50 words of each file (roughly) were
          used to make the indexes.  Blank lines are taken as delim-
          iters between queries.

          The -Cn option specifies a coordination level search: up to
          n keywords may be missing from the answers, and the answers
          are listed with those containing the most keywords first.

          The command sequence in /usr/dict/lookall/makindex regener-
          ates the index.

          The directory /usr/dict/lookall contains the index files.

          `Warning: index precedes file ...'  means that a file has
          been changed since the index was made and it may be
          retrieved (or not retrieved) erroneously.

          Coordination level searching doesn't work as described: only
          those acceptable items with the smallest number of missing
          keywords are retreived.