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getw(3) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71GETW, GETC,

NAME getw, getc, fopen -- buffered input
SYNOPSIS mov $filename , r0jsr r5,fopen; iobuf

jsr r5,getc; iobuf(character in r0)

jsr r5,getw; iobuf(word in r0)
DESCRIPTION These routines are used to provide a buffered input facility.iobuf is the address of a 134(10) byte buffer area whose

contents are maintamed by these routines. Its format is: ioptr: . =. +2 / file descriptor.=.+ 2 / characters left in buffer

.=.+ 2 / ptr to next character. = .+28. / the buffer

fopen should be called initially to open the file. On return,the error bit (c--bit) is set if the open failed. If fopen is never called, get will read from the standard input file. getc returns the .next byte from the file in r0. The error bitis set on end of file or a read error.

getw returns the next word in r0. getc and getw may be usedalternately; there are no odd/even problems. iobuf must be provided by the user; it must be on a wordboundary.
FILES kept in /etc/liba.a
SEE_ALSO sys open, sys read; putc, putw, fcreat
DIAGNOSTICS c--bit set on EOF or error
BUGS for greater speed, the buffer should be 512 bytes long.Unfortunately, this will cause several existing programs to

stop working.