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sys-stat(2) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71SYS_STAT (II)

NAME stat -- get file status
SYNOPSIS sys stat; name; buf / stat = 18.
DESCRIPTION name points to a null--terminated string naming a file; buf is theaddress of a 34(10) byte buffer into which information is placed

concerning the file. It is unnecessary to have any permissions at allwith respect to the file, but all directories leading to the file must be readable. After stat, buf has the following format: buf, +1 i--number+2, +3 flags (see below)

+4 number of links+5 user ID of owner size in bytes +6,+7 size in bytes+8,+9 first indirect block or contents block ...+22,+23 eighth indirect block or contents block +24,+25,+26,+27 creation time+28,+29, +30,+31 modification time

+32,+33 unused The flags are as follows:100000 used (always on)

040000 directory020000 file has been modified (always on) 010000 large file000040 set user ID 000020 executable000010 read, owner 000004 write, owner000002 read, non--owner 000001 write, non--owner
SEE_ALSO fstat
DIAGNOSTICS Error bit (c--bit) is set if the file cannot be found.
BUGS The format is going to change someday.
OWNER ken, dmr