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sys-cemt(2) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71SYS_CEMT (II)

NAME cemt -- catch emt traps
SYNOPSIS sys cemt; arg / cemt = 29.; not in assembler
DESCRIPTION This call allows one to catch traps resulting from the emtinstruction. Arg is a location within the program; emt

traps are sent to that location. The normal effect of emttraps may be restored by giving an arg equal to 0.

Prior to the use of this call, the result of an emtinstruction is a simulated rts instruction. The operand field is interpreted as a register, and an rts instructionis simulated for that register (after verifying that various registers have appropriate values). This featureis useful for debugging, since the most dangerous program bugs usually involve an rts with bad data on the stack orin a register.

OWNER ken, dmr