ADSRV(8)                                                 ADSRV(8)

          adsrv - Plan B volume announce server

          adsrv [ -d ] [ -n addr ] [ -c volcfg ] [ dir ]

          Adsrv is a registry service for Plan B volumes. Volumes reg-
          ister with it to announce availability, names and proper-
          ties, and bns tries to reach this service to learn of pub-
          licly available volumes.

          The program runs at the central file server, so that all
          other machines can know where to find it. This service uses
          an ad-hoc protocol to register and to discover volumes.

          The protocol maintains connections open between file servers
          and adsrv that are initially used the file servers to write
          descriptions of their volumes in the format required by
          bns(4). While the connection is alive, adsrv keeps a copy of
          the announce at /lib/ndb/vol or at dir when it is specified.
          When the connection breaks, the announce is forgotten and
          the corresponding file with the copy is removed.

          Connections between bns and adsrv are used by the former to
          ask for the set of known announces, which are sent using the
          standard description format for the volume spec. See bns(4).

          Option -c tells adsrv to read volcfg to find announces for
          static volumes (which are always there).

          Option -n can be used to give an alternate address to listen
          for client requests.  The default address is tcp!*!11010 and
          is assumed to be available at the file server.

          Flag -d enables diagnostic messages for debugging.


          bns(4), planbfs(4).

          Connections are not authenticated.  Anyone can lie.