RAMFS(4)                                                 RAMFS(4)

          ramfs  - memory file system

          ramfs [ -abcAD ] [ -s srv ] [ -m mnt ] [ -n addr ] [ -V
          volspec ]

          Ramfs services a ram file system for temporary and volatile
          files. By default, ramfs mounts itself at /tmp.  Option -m
          can be used to mount it at mnt instead. Flags -abc mount
          after, before, and allowing file creation, as mount(2)

          In the same way, options -s and -n request the server to
          register srv with srv(3) and to listen for clients at net-
          work address addr. Clients are authenticated via factotum(4)
          unless flag -A is given or the client connects from the
          local machine.

          This program is useful as a volatile place holder of infor-
          mation that must be exported to the network in a secure way.
          It is a good candidate to place on it synthetized and con-
          text information for others to know.

          The -V option makes ramfs announce the volume with the given
          volspec and appropriate default constraints for the user
          name, system name, and location.

          The -D flag shows 9P messages sent and received, for diag-

          In gereral, the options related to Plan B file servers for
          volumes are described in planbfs(4) and have the same mean-
          ing in this and other file servers developed for Plan B.