OVOLS(1)                                                 OVOLS(1)

          ovols - list volumes in use

          ovols [ -dv ] [ dir ... ]

          Ovols prints, for each volume mount point given as an argu-
          ment, the volume used within the namespace where it runs.
          The list is shown within a omero(1) panel. When a volume is
          switched, and a different volume becomes used, the program
          flashes the omero panel several times to alert the user of
          the change.

          Flag -v makes the program verbose, to make even more noise
          upon volume changes. Flag -d enables debug diagnostics.

          If you are using this program, you did mess up your names-
          pace enough not to be sure of what you are using. We suggest
          you cleanup your namespace instead.


          bns(8) and ns(1)