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     OSCREEN(1)                                             OSCREEN(1)

          oscreen  - redirects mouse and keyboard to remote screens

          oscreen [ -a name=address ] [ machine ... ]

          Oscreen is a omero(1) user interface for both mousefs(4) and
          kbdfs(4). It permits the user to click on a machine (actu-
          ally, a display) name to redirect both keyboard and mouse to
          that machine.  Both devices are reclaimed back for local
          usage by pressing mouse button 1 near the up-left corner of
          the screen.

          To perform its job, oscreen writes to the /dev/mousectl file
          to issue mouse redirection requests. The keyboard is redi-
          rected as a result of mouse redirection.

          The program uses env/terms to determine the list of machines
          involved and the address for their mouse redirector, when no
          machine name is given in the command line.

          Events in the interface makes the program refresh the list
          of machines.

          The option -a can be used to add additional screen names to
          the interface. The argument contains a screen name, an equal
          character, and the network address where to reach mousefs
          for that screen. The program assumes that kbdfs can be
          reached at the same address but using the next port in
          numeric order.

          /rc/bin/brc runs this to support user I/O redirection:
               kbdfs   -V /dev/kbd
               mousefs    -V /dev/mouse

          Later, the user runs this within a omero session:

          Now the user can click on a machine name to command its win-
          dow system, and click at the top-left corner to reclaim the
          input devices back to the local system.


          mousefs(4), env(8), and mouse(3).