OMAIL(1)                                                 OMAIL(1)

          omail -  Old omero mail reader and sender

          omail [ -dsS ] [ -m maildir ] [ mbox ]
          omail -n [ -m maildir ] [ -o outgoing ] [ addr [ subject ] ]

          Omail is a omero mail reader. Its user interface can be han-
          dled as said in omero(1). Its primary use is for composing
          and sending mail. Mail reading is best done with Mails(1),
          which would start omail when necessary to compose new mails
          and replies. Beware that this program will soon be replaced
          by a Plan B mail delivery volume, which would render it

          When used with option -n, it starts a composition panel and
          does nothing else. An optional address may be supplied and,
          in this case, an optional subject string may be given.

          Option -o sets outgoing as the Plan 9 folder where to keep a
          copy of sent mail. By default it is /mail/box/$user/outgoing
          unless maildir specifies an alternate path to the user's
          mail directory.

          In the composition panel, headers are single lines before
          the first empty one. The rest is considered as the body of
          the message. Any Attach: header attaches the named file. The
          Include: header includes inline attachments. Other headers
          are as in other mail programs.

          The marshal(1) program is used to deliver the mail. See its
          manual page for details and for available user configuration

          When used to read mail, the program uses netplumber(4), in
          particular seemail, showmail, and sendmail ports. See

          The mailbox is shown as kept on disk. As a safeguard,
          deleted mail is a saved to a monthly folder at
          /mail/box/$user.  Options -s and -S make omail more conser-
          vative (and even more so) with regard to the available line


          mails(1), aliasmail(8), ofaces(1), omero(1), marshal(1),

     OMAIL(1)                                                 OMAIL(1)

          nedmail(1), upasfs(4).

          A failed experiment. Has been replaced for mail reading.
          Will be replaced for mail sending as well.