OFACES(1)                                               OFACES(1)

          ofaces -  show faces for mails in omero

          ofaces [ -d ] [ -l label ] [ -n limit ] [ -i infmt ] [ -o
          outfmt ] [ cmd ]

          The ofaces command displays in omero(1) a representation of
          users related to a set of files, using a small image for
          each user. Usually, each (user face related to a) file shown
          corresponds to a mail message, but it may also correspond to
          who is present in the environment or to something else
          (depending on the given arguments).  The image is typically
          a portrait of the user. Which image to display is determined
          by two directories /usr/$user/lib/face and /lib/face.
          Entries in /usr/$user/lib/face take priority over those in
          /lib/face. See face(6), for how these directories are organ-

          The argument cmd is executed by ofaces to determine which
          file names must be shown and which user is to be shown for
          each file. This program is expected to print one line per
          file with the absolute file path, and equal sign, and the
          mail address for the user to be shown. By default, Mails -l
          is used, which shows the list of mails in the Plan B mailbox
          for the user.

          The user interface is as described in omero(1). Looking for
          a face causes the associated file name to be `plumbed'.  A
          typical plumb action will be to display the message.

          Option -d enables debug messages. Option -l changes the
          label shown near the faces. By default, this label  is the
          basename of the program used to list the faces to be shown.

          If a voice output volume is mounted, ofaces alerts of user
          arrivals by using print(2) (with format infmt and the user
          name as the only argument) on the voice output device.

          Option -o is similar, but notifies of user leaves.


          /lib/face   face database.

          mails(1), faces(1), youps(4), face(6), omero(1)