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     PIC2PS(9.1)                                           PIC2PS(9.1)

          pic2ps, pic2gif - convert picture files to other formats

          fb/pic2ps [ -c ] [ -h height ] [ input ]

          fb/pic2gif [ -i ] [ -l ] [ -b depth ] [ input ]

          Pic2ps converts its input image (default standard input)
          into encapsulated PostScript, writing the result to standard
          output.  If the input image is full-color, its luminance is
          computed first, except under option -c, which produces out-
          put suitable for a color PostScript printer.  Option -h sets
          the output image height in inches.  The default height is
          3", to match the default height of the .BP macro in troff

          Pic2gif converts its input image (default standard input)
          into a Compuserv GIF format file, writing the result to
          standard output.  It converts only the first channel of the
          input image, which may yield wrong results - use the -l flag
          or quantize(9.1) or some other dithering filter to reduce
          color images to a single channel.  Option -i produces an
          interlaced output file.  Option -b sets the number of bits
          per pixel in the output file.  The default is 8, which is
          the maximum.  Option -l makes pic2gif compute the NTSC lumi-
          nance of its input.  If pic2gif's input contains no color
          map, it assumes that it is a 256 grey shade monochrome


          mpictures(6), picfile(9.6), quantize(9.1),