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     PCP(9.1)                                                 PCP(9.1)

          pcp - copy pictures

          fb/pcp [ -wx0 y0 x1 y1 ] [ -ox y ] [ -ttype ] [ -cchannels ]
          [ -Cchannels ] [ -mcolormap ] [ -M ] [ input [ output ] ]

          Pcp copies the input picture (default standard input) to the
          output file (default standard output).  Options control the
          attributes and content of the output picture.

          -w x0 y0 x1 y1
               causes only the given window of the input picture to be
               copied.  By default the whole picture is copied.

          -o x y
               causes the output picture's WINDOW= attribute to be
               translated by adding (x,y) to the input window coordi-

          -t type
               sets the TYPE= attribute of the output file.  The
               default is to use the input file's type.

          -c channels
               causes only the given channels of the input picture to
               be copied.  The default is to copy all channels.  If
               channels not present in the input picture are speci-
               fied, they are computed in the ``most plausible'' way.
               For example, a missing alpha channel is set to 255, and
               an m channel will be synthesized from rgb channels by
               computing NTSC luminance.  A 0 in channels causes a
               zero channel to be written.

          -C channels
               sets the output CHAN= attribute.  Channels must be the
               same length as the selected channels of the input pic-

          -m colormap
               attaches the given color map to the output.

          -M   elides the color map from the output.


          picfile(9.6), cmap(9.6)

     PCP(9.1)                                                 PCP(9.1)