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     HTTPD(8)                                                 HTTPD(8)

          httpd, echo - HTTP server

          http/httpd [ -n namespace ] srvname netname netdir

          http/echo [ -n namespace ] [ -d domain ] [ -r remoteip ]
          method version uri [ search ]

          Httpd serves the file system described by namespace (default
          /lib/namespace.http), using version 1.0 of the HTTP proto-
          col.  It is usually executed by listen(8) in response to an
          incoming call on TCP port 80, the HTTP port.  Srvname is the
          name of the service invoked, typically tcp80, netname is the
          name of the network, typically TCP, and netdir is the net-
          work directory for the connection.

          Httpd supports only the GET and HEAD methods of the HTTP
          protocol.  The Content-type (default application/octet-
          stream) and Content-encoding (default binary) of a file are
          determined by looking for suffixes of the file name in

          If the requested URI begins with /magic/server/, httpd exe-
          cutes the file /bin/http/server to finish servicing the
          request.  Method, version, and uri are those received on the
          first line of the request, which is the only line read by
          httpd before executing the magical server.

          Echo is a trivial server that just returns the method, URI,
          any search, and the headers sent by the client.

          /sys/lib/http        content type description file
          /lib/namespace.http  default namespace file for httpd


          newns in auth(2), listen(8)