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     FTPFS(4)                                                 FTPFS(4)

          ftpfs  - file transfer protocol (FTP) file system

          ftpfs [ -/ ] [ -m mountpoint ] [ -a password ] system

          Ftpfs dials the TCP file transfer protocol (FTP) port, 21,
          on system and mounts itself (see bind(2)) on mountpoint
          (default /n/ftp) to provide access to files on the remote
          machine.  If required by the remote machine ftpfs will
          prompt for user name and password.  The user names ftp and
          anonymous are often used to offer guest/read-only access to
          machines.  Anonymous ftp may be called without user interac-
          tion by specifying the password.

          By default the file seen at the mount point is the user's
          home directory.  The option -/ can be used to force the
          mount point to correspond to the remote root.

          To terminate the connection, unmount (see bind(1)) the mount


          Symbolic links on remote Unix systems will always have mode
          0777 and a length of 8.

          After connecting to a TOPS-20 system, the mountpoint will
          contain only one directory, usually /n/ftp/PS:<ANONYMOUS>.
          However, walking to any valid directory on that machine will
          succeed and cause that directory entry to appear under the