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     DOSSRV(4)                                               DOSSRV(4)

          dossrv, 9660srv, eject - DOS and ISO9660 file systems

          dossrv [ -v ] [ -s ] [ -f file ] [ service ]

          9660srv [ -v ] [ -s ] [ -f file ] [ service ]

          eject [n]

          Dossrv is a file server that interprets DOS file systems.  A
          single instance of dossrv can provide access to multiple DOS
          disks simultaneously.

          Dossrv posts a file descriptor named service (default dos)
          in the /srv directory.  To access the DOS file system on a
          device, use mount with the spec argument (see bind(1)) the
          name of the file holding raw DOS file system, typically the
          disk.  If spec is undefined in the mount, dossrv will use
          file as the default name for the device holding the DOS sys-

          Normally dossrv creates a pipe to act as the communications
          channel between itself and its clients.  The -s flag
          instructs dossrv to use its standard input and output
          instead.  The kernels use this if they are booting from a
          DOS disk.  This flag also prevents the creation of an
          explicit service file in /srv.

          The -v flag causes verbose output for debugging.

          9660srv is identical to dossrv in specification, except that
          it interprets ISO9660 CD-ROM file systems instead of DOS
          file systems.

          Eject ejects a floppy from drive n, default 0.

          Mount a floppy disk with a DOS file system on it.

               mount -c /srv/dos /n/a: /dev/fd0disk