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     PERROR(2)                                               PERROR(2)

          perror, syslog - system error messages

          void perror(char *s)

          void syslog(int cons, char *logname, char *fmt, ...)

          Perror produces a short error message on the standard error
          file describing the last error encountered during a call to
          the system.  First the argument string s is printed, then a
          colon, then the message and a new-line.  If s is 0, only the
          error message and new-line are printed.

          Syslog logs messages in the file named by logname in the
          directory /sys/log; the file must already exist and should
          be append-only.  Logname must contain no slashes.  The mes-
          sage is a line with up to five fields: the current time; the
          program name (if argv0 is set; see ARG(2)); the user name;
          the message specified by the print(2) format fmt and any
          following arguments; and a final newline.  If cons is set or
          the log file cannot be opened, the message is also printed
          on the system console.  Syslog can be used safely in multi-
          threaded programs.

          intro(2), errstr(2)