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     REWORK(10.1)                                         REWORK(10.1)

          rework - diff two wraplists

          cda/rework [ -e ] [ -q ] [ -v ] [ -s ] [ -o ] [ -dnet ] old

          Rework takes two wraplists (the output of wrap(10.1)) and
          produces three wraplists: UN.wr, RE.wr, and NEW.wr.  NEW.wr
          describes the result of removing the wires in UN.wr from old
          and then adding the wires in RE.wr.  The list NEW.wr is
          electrically equivalent to new . Typically, the file new is
          generated by wrap(10.1) and old is the NEW.wr produced in
          the last rework.

          The various options are

          -dnet  produce detailed debugging output.  The optional net-
                 name net confines debugging to just that net.

          -e     like -v except that input nets need not be connected.

          -o     the nets in NEW.wr will be ordered.  Normally
                 unchanged nets are just copied.

          -q     try to minimize the number of wires for the rework.
                 Currently, this is only useful when the new net is
                 strictly larger than the old net.

          -s     print some statistics of the inputs.

          -v     print a terse summary of the differences on standard
                 output.  UN.wr, RE.wr, and NEW.wr will be unchanged.

          Rework ignores the start (04) and stop (08) bits in its
          input; it assumes all the wires for one net are sequential
          in the input.