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     QUINE(10.1)                                           QUINE(10.1)

          quine, cover, hazard - logic programs

          cda/cover [ -s ]
          cda/hazard [ -n ] ...

          Quine, cover, and hazard read the standard input and write
          the standard output, both in the format of minterm(10.6).

          Quine produces a Quine-McCluskey reduction of the input

          Cover does the covering problem, which is exponentially hard
          and may not finish in reasonable time.  The -s option causes
          cover to not do the complete problem and go faster.

          Hazard adds terms to eliminate internal hazards that can
          occur in PAL's and PLA's. The hazard can occur when the form
          of the equations is (a&x) | (b& !x).  When a and b are both
          true a glitch may appear on the output when x is changed.
          Hazard eliminates it by adding another term (a&b).  If there
          are any -n option flags for hazard, only those outputs whose
          symbols are in the set of n 's will be modified by hazard,
          otherwise all outputs are (possibly) modified.

          lde(10.1), minterm(10.6), xpal(10.1)

          qtmpn and bsortn in the working directory for temporaries.