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     WC(1)                                                       WC(1)

          wc - word count

          wc [ -lwrbc ] [ file ... ]

          Wc counts lines, words, runes, syntactically-invalid UTF
          codes and bytes in the named files, or in the standard input
          if no file is named.  A word is a maximal string of charac-
          ters delimited by spaces, tabs or newlines.  The count of
          runes includes invalid codes.

          If the optional argument is present, just the specified
          counts (lines, words, runes, broken UTF codes or bytes) are
          selected by the letters l, w, r, b, or c.  Otherwise, lines,
          words and bytes (-lwc) are reported.

          Three-byte UTF codes higher than F7 65 B7 (the UTF encoding
          of FFFF) are not counted among the illegals.  Unicode has
          many blank characters scattered through it, but wc looks for
          only ASCII space, tab and newline.