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     TEL(1)                                                     TEL(1)

          tel, pq - look in phone book

          tel key ...
          pq name ...

          Tel looks up key in a private telephone book, $home/lib/tel,
          and in the public telephone book, /lib/tel.  It uses grep
          (with the -i option to ignore case differences), so the key
          may be any part of a name or number.  Customarily, the tele-
          phone book contains names, userids, home numbers, and office
          numbers of users.  It also contains a directory of area
          codes and miscellaneous people of general interest.

          Pq looks up names in the AT&T personnel database.  Name
          should be a surname optionally prefixed by initials and
          periods, as in emlin or g.emlin or g.r.emlin.  Pq also
          accepts keyword arguments of the form key=value.  Key may be
          one of org for organization number, ext or tel for office
          telephone extension, or room for office number.  Beware that
          = must be quoted when passed through rc(1).

          /lib/tel  Public telephone number database.