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     TAIL(1)                                                   TAIL(1)

          tail - deliver the last part of a file

          tail [ +-number[lbc][rf] ] [ file ]

          Tail copies the named file to the standard output beginning
          at a designated place.  If no file is named, the standard
          input is copied.

          Copying begins at position +number measured from the begin-
          ning, or -number from the end of the input.  Number is
          counted in lines, 1K blocks or characters, according to the
          appended flag `l', `b', or `c'.  Default is -10l (ten ell).

          The further flag `r' causes tail to print lines from the end
          of the file in reverse order; `f' (follow) causes tail,
          after printing to the end, to keep watch and print further
          data as it appears.

          tail file
               Print the last 10 lines of a file.

          tail +0f file
               Print a file, and continue to watch data accumulate as
               it grows.

          sed 10q file
               Print the first 10 lines of a file.

          Tails relative to the end of the file are treasured up in a
          buffer, and thus are limited in length.
          According to custom, option +number counts lines from 1, and
          counts blocks and characters from 0.