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     PROOF(1)                                                 PROOF(1)

          proof - troff output interpreter

          proof [ -mmag ] [ -/nview ] [ -F dir ] [ -d ] [ file ]

          Proof reads troff(1) intermediate language from file or
          standard input and simulates the resulting pages on the

          After a page of text is displayed, proof pauses for a com-
          mand from the keyboard.  The typed commands are:

          newline   Go on to next page of text.

          -         Go back to the previous page.

          q         Quit.

          pn        Print page n. An out-of-bounds page number means
                    the end nearer to that number; a missing number
                    means the current page; a signed number means an
                    offset to the current page.

          n         Same as pn.

          c         Clear the screen, then wait for another command.

          mmag      Change the magnification at which the output is
                    printed.  Normally it is printed with magnifica-
                    tion .9; mag=.5 shrinks it to half size; mag=2
                    doubles the size.

          xval      Move everything val screen pixels to the right
                    (left, if val is negative).

          yval      Move everything val screen pixels down (up, if val
                    is negative).

          /nview    Split the window into nview pieces.  The current
                    page goes into the rightmost, bottommost piece,
                    and previous pages are shown in the other pieces.

          -F dir    Use dir for fonts instead of /lib/font/bit.

          d         Toggle the debug flag.

          The m, /, and d commands are also available as command line

     PROOF(1)                                                 PROOF(1)

          /lib/font/bit/*    fonts
          /lib/font/bit/MAP  how to convert troff output fonts and
                             character names into screen fonts and
                             character numbers

          lp(1), psi(1)
          Brian W. Kernighan, A Typesetter-independent Troff