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     PASSWD(1)                                               PASSWD(1)

          passwd, typepasswd, netkey - change login password




          Passwd changes your Plan 9 password.  The program prompts
          for the old password and then for the new one.  The caller
          must supply both.  The new password must be typed twice, to
          forestall mistakes.  New passwords must be at least five
          characters long and be sufficiently hard to guess; passwords
          are not limited to eight characters.  If the command is suc-
          cessful, the key in the encryption device is changed.  Since
          each name space group has a separate encryption device, keys
          in other name space groups are not updated.  For example,
          other windows will not have the new password.  To correct
          the problem, reboot or run typepasswd in the other windows.

          Typepasswd changes the key in the user's encryption device
          without changing the Plan 9 password.

          Netkey uses the password to encrypt network challenges.  It
          is a substitute for a SecureNet box.

          These commands should be run only on a terminal; otherwise
          the password will be transmitted over a network in clear


          encrypt(2), cons(3), securenet(8)

          Robert Morris and Ken Thompson, `UNIX password security,'
          AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal 63 (1984) 1649-1672