man(1) Manual page archive

     MAN(1)                                                     MAN(1)

          man, lookman - print or find pages of this manual

          man [ option ... ] [ section section ... ] title ...

          lookman key ...

          Man locates and prints pages of this manual named title in
          the specified sections. Title is given in lower case.  Each
          section is a number; pages marked (2S), for example, belong
          to chapter 2.  If no section is specified, pages in all sec-
          tions are printed.  Any name from the NAME section at the
          top of the page will serve as a title.

          The options are:

          -p   Run proof(1) on the specified man pages.

          -t   Send the troff output to standard output.

          -n   (Default) Print the pages on the standard output using

          Lookman prints the names of all manual sections that contain
          all of the key words given on the command line.

          /sys/man/?/*                troff source for manual; this
                                      page is /sys/man/1/man
          /sys/man/?/INDEX            indices searched to find pages
                                      corresponding to titles
          /sys/lib/man/secindex       command to make an index for a
                                      given section
          /sys/lib/man/lookman/index  index for lookman


          The manual was intended to be typeset; some detail is sacri-
          ficed on text terminals.
          There is no automatic mechanism to keep the indices up to
          Except for special cases, it doesn't recognize things that
          should be run through tbl and/or eqn.