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     GCAN(1)                                                   GCAN(1)

          gcan, homespool, gspool - interface to gnot laser-printers

          gcan [ option ... ] [ file ... ]



          This command prints files (standard input by default) on a
          gnot laser printer.  Troff(1) output and ordinary text are
          generally recognized and processed appropriately; in any
          case the first option can be used to specify the type of

          -sb      Bitmap files.  (See bitmap(6)).
          -sc      ordinary text.
          -sd      troff output.
          -sm      MIDI output.
          -sr      `TYPE=rle' run-length-encoded bitmaps.

          The destination printer is determined in one of the follow-
          ing ways, in decreasing order of precedence:

               option -d dest
               environment variable `candest'
               printer named in file /sys/lib/candest

          These options are common to all classes of input:

          --       No more options.
          -dg      Destination is printer outside of graphics lab.
          -du      Destination is printer in dirty room.
          -dt      Destination is printer in 2C465 (tom's office).
          -p       Output goes to /n/bootes/usr/$user/pspool for
          -ffile   Output goes to file for debugging.
          -G       Output goes to /usr/$user/spool for local printing.
          -H       Suppress header page.
          -I       Do not attempt page reversal (no page number index
                   is generated).
          -ln      Set number of lines per page (forces `c' service
                   even if data look like troff).
          -%n      Print odd-numbered pages if n=1, even-numbered
                   pages if n=2.
          -D       Turn on debugging.
          -o...    Print only those pages whose numbers appear in the
                   list (e.g., `-o 1,3,5-8').

     GCAN(1)                                                   GCAN(1)

          -O...    Like `-o', except pages are counted sequentially,
                   i.e., troff-assigned page numbers are ignored.
                   (Both options have the same effect on non-troff

          These options are only valid with the types of input indi-

          -mn      Set magnification to n (type `b').
          -sn      Set point size to n (type `c').
          -xn      Move the image n pixels left (types `c', `d', `r').
          -yn      Move the image n pixels down (types `c', `d', `r').
          homespool initializes the files needed for a private
          spooler; gspool starts such a spooler.  See the -G option.

          /sys/lib/candest            name of default printer.
          /n/bootes/usr/$user/pspool  proofreading spool area.
          /n/bootes/usr/$user/spool   spool area.


          More input classes should be divined from the data.