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     FONE(1)                                                   FONE(1)

          fone - control ISDN telephone

          fone [options...]

          Fone manages an AT&T 7506 ISDN telephone set.  Program con-
          trol is supplementary: normal functioning of the phone is
          not affected.  The set must be equipped with the Pro-
          Phone1.5tm ROM or equivalent.  To initialize after the ROM is
          first installed, push the `Select', then the `Data' button,
          and set parameters as follows:

                   DATA MODE: B2
                   DATA RATE: 19200
                   PARITY: SPACE
                   LOCAL MODE: AT

          Fone should be run once per terminal session; it accepts
          commands typed in its window.  If the file `call.log' exists
          and is writable, it will contain a log of calls.  A perma-
          nent log file may be initialized with:

                   chmod +a call.log >call.log

          Options for fone are:

          -f file  The telephone is controlled through file instead of

          -l file  Calls are logged in file instead of call.log.

          Commands to fone are read, one per line, from the standard

          c string Call telephone number string. Non-alphanumeric
                   characters are discarded, and the appropriate pre-
                   fix (9, 91, or none) is guessed from the length of
                   the result.  (If there is no active call, and
                   string begins with a digit, the initial c may be

          C string The alphanumeric characters in string are dialed
                   exactly as given.

          d        Drop the active call, or the last party added to a
                   conference call.

          h        Put the active call on hold.

     FONE(1)                                                   FONE(1)

          k string Add a party to a conference call.  The active call
                   is placed on  hold, and string is parsed and
                   dialed.  Once the second call is connected, the `k'
                   command with no argument adds the new call to the
                   previously active call appearance.  If the called
                   party is indisposed, the commands `d' and `r' will
                   drop the second call and reconnect the first.

          q string Query the local switch for directory entries match-
                   ing string (a surname preceded by up to two ini-
                   tials, like `fraser', `a fraser', `ag fraser', or
                   `a g fraser').

          r id     Reconnect a call on hold and make it the active
                   call.  If the appearance id is omitted, it defaults
                   to that of the lowest numbered call on hold.

          s        Show the id, state, and calling information for
                   each call.

          t string Run the tel(1) command on string.

          x string Transfer the active call.  The active call is
                   placed in limbo (similar to hold), and string is
                   parsed and dialed.  Once the second call is con-
                   nected, the `x' command with no argument bridges
                   the two calls together and drops the intermediary
                   (you).  If the called party is indisposed, the com-
                   mands `d' and `r' will drop the second call and
                   reconnect the first.

          . string Transmits the converted touchtone string to the
                   called party; a string that begins with a `*', `#',
                   or a digit doesn't need the preceding `.'.  (See
                   command c above if no call is active.)

          ?        Print a summary of commands.

          The `c' command may be given before or after lifting the
          handset; if the handset is down, the call is placed with the
          speaker on and mike muted, so you can hear what's happening.

          call.log   log of calls
          /dev/eia0  RS232 line to phone

          The speakerphone is not really supported.
          There's still no way to set the clock.