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     FACTOR(1)                                               FACTOR(1)

          factor, qfactor, primes - factor a number, generate large

          factor [ number ]


          primes [ start [ finish ] ]

          Factor prints number and its prime factors, each repeated
          the proper number of times.  The number must be positive and
          less than 2**56 (about 7.2e16)

          If no number is given, factor reads a stream of numbers from
          the standard input and factors them.  It exits on any input
          not a positive integer.  Maximum running time is propor-
          tional to sqrt(n).

          Qfactor reads one number from the standard input and factors
          it.  It will factor numbers up to about 40 digits.  For
          large numbers it is much faster than factor.

          Primes prints the prime numbers ranging from start to
          finish, where start and finish are positive numbers less
          than 2**56.  If finish is missing, primes prints without
          end; if start is missing, it reads the starting number from
          the standard input.