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     KANA8½(1)                                               KANA8½(1)

          kana8½ - language transliterator

          kana8½ [ args ]

          The kana8½ script starts an instance of the window manager
          8½(1) able to transliterate keyboard letter sequences into
          characters in languages that do not use the Latin character
          set.  It also creates a small control window; a menu on but-
          ton 2 in this window chooses among English (default), Rus-
          sian, Japanese hiragana or katakana, or Greek.  Language may
          also be controlled by sending one of english, katakana,
          hiragana, russian, or greek to the file /mnt/kanactl/data.

          The Japanese selections interpret lower-case letters as a
          Hepburn representation of hiragana or katakana.  The Russian
          selection interprets letters as Cyrillic; the translitera-
          tion is mostly phonetic, with ' for myagkij-znak, '' for
          tverdyj-znak (spell it tvyordyj-znak if you want the diere-
          sis), j for i-kratkaya. No transliteration is done in
          English mode.

          If no arguments are given, the font specification unicode.9
          is used; if there are arguments, they are passed unchanged
          to the window system and an appropriate font must already be

          The command is a short script that starts aux/kana; this
          program inserts itself between /dev/cons and the window sys-
          tem, and performs the transliteration.  The script then
          invokes an instance of 8½.

          /mnt/kana/data1    used as a naming point for binding output
                             upon /dev/cons.
          /mnt/kanactl/data  for controlling language.


          Considerably more sophistication is required to support
          ideographic languages.

          The language can't be selected independently in each window.